What is an advocacy to promote science and technology?
Feb, 27 2023

Advocacy is a method of promoting science and technology to educate and create awareness. It involves activities such as campaigns, research, lobbying, and public engagement to spread understanding of the importance of science and technology. Such activities help to highlight the positive impact of scientific progress and provide a platform for dialogue and collaboration between the public, industry, and policy makers. Additionally, advocacy can help to provide resources such as funding and support for science and technology initiatives. Advocacy is a powerful tool for advancing science and technology and helping to create a better future.

What jobs will soon be replaced by technology?
Feb, 10 2023

As technology advances, many jobs are becoming obsolete. Automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are replacing the need for manual labor in a variety of industries. In the near future, many jobs such as data entry clerks, telemarketers, and bank tellers could be replaced by machines. In addition, certain jobs in the medical field such as radiologists and medical coders may also be replaced by technology. Furthermore, robots are increasingly being used in manufacturing, hospitality, and even retail sectors. The rise of technology is likely to have an impact on many different types of jobs in the future.