MICRO VR KIT, Virtual reality goggles but small in the world.

POR Neo 10 abril, 2017
POR Neo 10 abril, 2017
DLX Inc, a Tokyo company, has launched “Micro VR Kit” which can be surely considered smaller Smartphone VR virtual reality glasses in the world.

For this development the company has partnered with WHITE Inc., a company specializing in the sale of lenses for virtual reality, together with DENTSU a well known firm of world advertising in Japan.




The design is based on “Origami” is the art of making figures just by folding a paper, which is a typical art of the culture of Japan.

In this way has been a product that takes up minimum space when it is folded. When the user needs to use virtual reality goggles, you simply have to expand them as if it were an accordion. The thickness of the sunglasses is about 2 cm.




This “Micro VR Kit” is developed thinking in a way cheap and compact offer the possibility of accessing the virtual reality to anyone who has a Smartphone, and its main aim is the use as with other products or promotional gift for all kinds of promotions that can use virtual reality to offer a product.

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