POR Neo 13 abril, 2017
POR Neo 13 abril, 2017
Palmer Luckey, the legendary creator of the Oculus Rift and now co-owner of the company’s Virtual reality of Facebook, Oculus, has left the company.
it is unknown if Luckey has taken this decision to voluntarily it is very likely that the recent scandals, such as his collaboration with a support group to Donald Trump, contributed to the rupture.

Luckey, whose fortune has a net of about $ 730 million of dollars according to the Forbes list, admitted his involvement with Nimble America and said he directed a Reddit account under the pseudonym, “NimbleRichMan”. This same pseudonym appears on the web site of Nimble America, which describes Luckey as Vice President. Later, he refused to use the this account Reddit.

This and other scandals and headlines not contibute much to improve the image of the company, and although already for some time I retired life publishes this may have led to his departure from Oculus.

Although it is unclear if its role was purely testimonial or integrated into any development team, Luckey was not without doubt face more popular virtual reality, having been the creator of the first virtual reality glasses as we know them today.

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