STRIKER VR reveal the new prototype of the best VR rifle

POR Neo 19 March, 2017
POR Neo 19 March, 2017

Striker VR is a startup dedicated to the manufacture of rifles of high quality for  virtual reality, able to provide a very close experience to have in their hands a real weapon. During the GDC 2017 it took the opportunity to show your most recent prototype.






Striker VR is a rifle with dimensions, weight and touch similar to a real weapon, its characteristic more remarkable is undoubtedly the engine haptic that includes, which is able to provide the sensation of recoil and other effects with a high degree of realism.

In addition to this rifle an own battery along with the electronics necessary for fully autonomous use, and unlike the previous version the location of the battery is now houses at the rear that provides a better balance of the whole.








During the presentation at GDC, them visitors could try Striker VR along with a backpack wireless in a demonstration roomscale serving is of technology Optitrack.

To be able to move freely carrying a weapon’s actual dimensions and weight makes the player not only feel a degree higher immersion, if not that also accuses some of the discomfort that would have in a real experience, as the fact lead hung a heavy long rifle, or repeatedly suffering the recoil when fired.

The possibilities of the weapon are not limited only to the fire like a machine gun or rifle, is also possible to take advantage of its haptic motor to transmit us sensations of other types of weapons or objects, as with a grenade launcher or a chainsaw.







Regarding the possible sale on the market of this product, greater handicap is to find a method to integrate the tracker, so the company now aims to avoid high cost and complexity of a proprietary tracking system to use instead of the existing technology with which the current OculusConstellation’ and Valve ‘Lighthouse’ virtual reality helmets are traced.

Unfortunately for the moment none of the two companies has officially opened their monitoring for the use of third-party systems, so the final product may still take to arrive insofar as this obstacle is resolved.

You can be to the aware of the news about this project in the page official of Striker VR


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